Certificate Management

Keeping track of all the SSL certificates in your enterprise can be a daunting task, and even some of the largest software companies have suffered service interruptions from expired certificates.  The recent OpenSSL heartbeat vulnerability (aka Heartbleed ) has left many enterprises lost, not knowing exactly which of their servers even run OpenSSL.  

LightMesh allows you to track your SSL certificates in detail and seamlessly allows you to identify which servers, websites and even customers are impacted by Heartbleed.



Topology Management

Your data center's network architecture is critical to your business but documenting it with pictures will only get you so far.  LightMesh allows you to decompose your data center into layers and zones, capturing all subnets and VLANs within each tier - no matter what your architecture.  

With your network topology mapped out, LightMesh will then allow you to automate design elements, such as IP Address and Switch Port allocations, as well generating the switch configuration that you need to implement your next solution, we call this "Auto Deploy".



Datacenter IP Address Management is typically relegated to Mr Excel, text files, or desktop-LAN focused solutions.  LightMesh takes IPAM to a new level, allowing you to visualize your address space and analyze existing subnets you have, allowing you to stick to your address plan rigorously. 

LightMesh takes the math out of subnetting, visually guiding you through carving out new address space.  Whether you are building out a new cloud infrastructure or maintaining a few existing datacenters, you will appreciate the power of LightMesh IPAM.


Solution Design

LightMesh makes designing a solution approachable and fully integrated into a unified workflow, from the simplest addition of a single new VM instance, to the roll-out of the most complex multi-datacenter business critical service.

Leveraging the ITIL v3 vocabulary and process, designers can quickly specify solution components and can source them from existing elements (such as shared storage or backup), new virtual instances, or new physical devices. These elements can be then be associated within the appropriate part of the network topology. [image of servers search with create a record selected]

LightMesh sees Solution Design as being an integrated element of the application lifecycle and part of our Requirements, Design, Build, Operate cycle. 


Cloud Design

LightMesh gives you the tools to easily design public and private cloud integrations, giving your entire organization visibility into what cloud services you rely on and how they are implemented. Whether it's a single VM instance to get a new initiative to market or a full VPDC spanning multiple availability regions, LightMesh helps you quickly generate a fully documented design that can be instantly used by operations and support.

Beyond cloud design, LightMesh offers fully automated cloud provisioning for API driven cloud providers and integrates with leading DNS Tools for impact assessments and DNS migration automation. With a completed design you are just one click away from a fully spun up implementation. This helps IT organizations improve their agility and customer responsiveness while maintaining control and supervision of the environments that they are responsible for.