With data of all sizes now at the heart of every firm and organization's operations, the complexity and cost of datacenter and network transformations have increased while the process has slowed. Limited available IT asset configuration information, coupled with low data quality and reliability, creates justifiable caution when approaching transition projects.  This leads to labor intensive documentation and auditing exercises to ensure that critical business services and applications are uninterrupted during transitions.

LightMesh makes maintaining current documentation of your environments simple and painless.  By integrating the light-touch configuration management of LightMesh into your processes, you will benefit from having continuously up-to-date information about your IT assets, their configuration and which customers are relying on them.

LightMesh handles the scale of modern environments with thousands of subnets and 10,000 to 100,000 physical and virtual devices. Importing data from commercially available discovery tools, LightMesh dramatically speeds up the categorization process and provides greater clarity and insight into your existing environment. 

With a full picture of your operations and dependencies, you can be sure of your progress and radically reduce risk.

A large datacenter transition is beyond the capabilities of existing tools to analyze automatically, and requires thousands of hours of laborious effort from your network and systems engineers. LightMesh can import the same data in less than 10 hours, enabling you to quickly analyze all of your applications and servers, and integrates with leading cloud migration tools, such as Tidal Migrations