The Business Value of Understanding your Network's History

All business today depends on data networks, whether you are extracting commodities from the earth or are the world leader in e-commerce and cloud computing services. With this reliance on data, any service interruption or downtime is painfully expensive in terms of money and brand damage: both your current operations and your long term business reputation depend on understanding, remediating, and preventing outages. 

With the right IT tools you can automatically map your network and have a snapshot of what is in existence. This is unfortunately not sufficient to diagnose, repair, and prevent future outages. Your organization needs to know who, what, when, where, and why the changes that led to the outage occurred and you need that information immediately, not after days of a costly and slow paper and SharePoint search. 

Current network and datacenter management tools are tactical and stateless, with paper and human based processes used for strategic concerns. This not only creates a slow information analysis loop but offers many opportunities for undocumented information loss and hoarding – decreasing your organizational awareness. 

An August 2013 outage of a large ecommerce operator was estimated to cost $1,104 per second, or just under $2.7M for the 40 minute outage. Typical responses to prevent business interruption are to over-invest in IT resources as a form of self-insurance just as traditional capacity planning relied on large inventories to keep the supply chain running. The required excess investment can grow quickly, damaging your organization’s flexibility and reducing measures of financial health such as ROIC. Just-in-time manufacturing cuts back on inventories at all steps of the manufacturing chain by relying on increased availability of high quality information and higher quality service from suppliers and internal processes. In a similar fashion, instant access to accurate information about your network and datacenter environment allows you to do more with less and maintain a reduced investment in IT infrastructure through faster analysis, remediation, and prevention of failures.

When your business runs on information, you need instant access to data about your critical infrastructure. LightMesh’s Living Documentation rapidly gives you the insight that you need, using the limited details available in an outage. LightMesh enables front-line support personnel to deliver the detailed problem analysis expected from subject matter experts faster than they could identify the relevant expert. This keeps users satisfied by providing details about an outage in progress and accelerates your organization’s recovery speed.